Launching Shoot the Critic

I look forward to January not only as an opportunity to take on new work, but also, more importantly, to find that one special project close to my heart and run with it with as much New Year’s momentum as possible.

This year, instead of launching something just for myself, I’ve had the great fortune to to work closely with someone else to design and develop a site of hers —  an outlet for her creativity and a true labor of love, something of high quality with the makings of a really good website — Shoot the Critic.

The site offers up clear, concise and to-the-point TV and movie recommendations aimed at the casual and seasoned viewer alike, helping them discover good, noteworthy and worthwhile entertainment and culture. Longer weekly features cover what recommendations don’t, often expanding on them to include other aspects of the entertainment world, from the Golden Globes and the best movies of the past decade, to the best network television shows.